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Massage Therapy Blog


Understanding Massage Therapy and the Benefits You Can Get From It

Today, there is a very popular health and healing practice involving touch and movement and this is called massage therapy. Massage therapy has become a fast growing profession that even insurance companies recognize the benefits that one can get from this method.


Now a growing profession, the person who applies the method called the massage therapist, applies manual techniques on the client with the goal of giving a positive health and well being effects on the client.


The origin of massage therapy is said to start from the Greek word "massein" which means to knead, and in the Arabic word "mash" which means to press softly. It is thus fair to say that massage is really the oldest form of physical medicine known to us. Note that you can find ancient writings about massage therapy, going back to ancient Greek, ancient Rome, China, Japan, Egypt and Indian subcontinent.


Know that there are more than 80 types of massage therapy known today. These different massage techniques are used generally with the main objectives of reducing tension and pain, improving blood flow and relaxing muscles to give relaxation and a sense of well being of the client.


During Massage Therapy Edmonton, a hands-on manipulation is performed on the soft tissues and joints of the body of the client that includes muscle, skin, tendon, associated fascia, ligaments and joint capsules.


Although massage therapies basically largely affect muscles under the skin, the procedure also can benefit even the deeper layers of muscles and possibly the organs too in some ways. Know that massage can stimulate your blood circulation and assists your lymphatic system in eliminating waste all over your body.


The purpose of Massage Therapist Edmonton therefore is the prevention, development, maintenance of physical function and the relief of muscle pains, stress, muscular overuse and other chronic pain symptoms. When encountering an accident and the person suffers trauma and injury, the pains that will be developed out of the incident will be greatly reduced if massage therapy is applied the soonest time.


Various pressure and movement are implemented by a massage therapist on your body using the therapist's hands, fingers, forms, elbows and sometimes feet. The objective of the procedure is to relax the soft tissues of your muscles, thus helping in the increase of blood and oxygen delivery to the massages areas and in the end decreasing pain, relaxing the muscles and create a sense of relaxation.


The more popular kinds of massage today are Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and reflexology.


It is recommended that you have your massage from a person who has the MT title, which means he or she has completed a diploma from a reliable school and passed the exams of the course.